A business breakfast with JIA's green transportation entrepreneurs was held today June 9

JIA team;
GIZ representatives;
JIA entrepreneurs in the field of green transportation.

Discussed a number of challenges and solutions including:
1. Ending the duty-free import quota for electric vehicles in 2023;
2. Underdeveloped infrastructure to operate electric vehicles;
3. Excessive electricity tariffs for electric charging stations (ESCs);
4. The government's intention to introduce a utilization fee;
5. The problem of smog;
6. Promotion of the topic of green transportation in Kyrgyzstan;

As a result of the discussion, business representatives offered a number of proposals on each problem for their solution.

We invite each of you to join our movement towards a cleaner and more sustainable transportation system. Together we can make a real difference and leave a mark for future generations.

Together we can make Kyrgyzstan a more environmentally responsible country!