Entrepreneur Support Centers (ESC)

The best experts in the country work in our centers. We provide advice to small and medium-sized businesses. The project is supported by the OSCE and operates in all JIA offices

Member of International Organisation of Employers

JIA is the only association in Kyrgyzstan with membership in IOE – the International Organization of Employers. This is an excellent indicator of quality work!

Business Association JIA

Business Association JIA has been operating for more than 16 years and has established itself as a valuable partner for thousands of companies in Kyrgyzstan and abroad. The association was founded in 2006 at the initiative of entrepreneurs from different regions of the country. Today the associatio…

BIF – Central Asian Davos

Twice a year we hold the Bishkek Investment Forum (BIF), a large-scale, unique event to promote innovative concepts in the field of entrepreneurship and investments

Branches in every region

There are branches of the Association in every region of the country. Therefore, support is provided everywhere in 8 offices located in different regions and cities of Kyrgyzstan

JIA residents

JIA unites more than 1200 representatives of small, medium, and large businesses. We're proud to say that over 30% of them are women entrepreneurs!


Each family in Kyrgyzstan has one 'green' exporter


Development of an innovative socially responsible and open communityentrepreneurs for the benefit of the development of the Kyrgyz Republic

Committees and clubs

Today JIA is a multisectoral association with specialized committees and interest clubs. Profile committees are a system of permanent industry expert and analytical platforms where they discuss solutions to key issues in the development of a particular sector. The main function of the committees is to organize and hold regular meetings in various formats for the interaction of entrepreneurs in one sector, as well as with representatives of state institutions in order to promote the interests of business and society for the benefit of the whole country.

JIA clubs are an association of members of the Association into groups with common interests. These are platforms for regular formal and informal meetings for residents' internal networking.




Light industry

Green economy



Lady Club

Club of Young Entrepreneurs

Commercial offers of JIA residents

Strategy until 2027

Entrepreneurs in the JIA database (1500 of them are foreign)

Zharatmanov-residents of them 1000 women


BIF - Central-
Asian Davos

Business Climate Improvement Institute

JIA platform

The JIA platform in the ONE-STOP-SHOP format is successfully operating in Bishkek | single office

2 expo centers

Conference hall

Coworking JIA

Green office

Entrepreneur Support Centers

Call center

Ishker Academy

10,000 participants at events held outside cities and regional centers for the development of entrepreneurs

500 members underwent consulting support

500 участников программы Менторства JIA 25

1 500 participants of foreign business tours