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Development of an innovative socially responsible and open community of entrepreneurs for the benefit of the development of the Kyrgyz Republic

JIA Business Association

Business Association JIA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop an innovative, socially responsible, and open community of entrepreneurs for the development of the Kyrgyz Republic. For the period of its activity, our association has proved itself as a reliable partner of the business community in the country. We would like to note that JIA has been operating for more than 15 years.

The Association brings together more than 1400 companies of small, medium, and large businesses not only in Kyrgyzstan but also outside the country. JIA was established by a group of active entrepreneurs in 2006. As of today, it is a multi-sectoral organization with sectoral committees, clubs, entrepreneurship support centers and the best experts.

Committees and clubs

Sectoral committees represent an industry-specific networking and knowledge exchange platform with participation of multidisciplinary professionals. Their key function is to organize regular meetings between entrepreneurs using various formats for networking, exchange of opinions, knowledge and experience transfer, and information sharing. This will allow them discussing and solving the key obstacles to specific sector development. Other meetings can bring together businesses and representatives of state institutions so that concerns of businesses are voiced and solutions are offered.

JIA Clubs are group-and-interest based platforms that bring together JIA members. They represent regular formal and informal meetings for building stronger relationships and rapport of the association members.

Commercial offers of JIA residents

Strategy until 2027

Entrepreneurs in the JIA database (1500 of them are foreign)

Zharatman-residents of them 1000 women


BIF - Central
Asian Davos

Business Climate Improvement Institute

JIA platform

The JIA platform in the ONE-STOP-SHOP format is successfully operating in Bishkek | single office

2 expo centers

Conference hall

Coworking JIA

Green office

Entrepreneurship Support Centers

Call center

Ishker Academy

10,000 participants at events held outside cities and regional centers for the development of entrepreneurs

500 members underwent consulting support

500 participants in the JIA Mentoring Program 25

1 500 participants of foreign business tours