About the organization

The JIA Business Association has been supporting Kyrgyz businesses for more than 15 years. JIA was established by a group of active entrepreneurs in 2006. JIA creates and delivers networking services and growth opportunities for the business community in Kyrgyzstan. To date, JIA has more than 1,200 entrepreneur members. The Association offers business promotion and growth opportunities through its entrepreneurship support centers, business clubs, multi-disciplinary consultations, knowledge-specific training, capacity development and other platforms. JIA is a member of the International Organization of Employers. To ensure an efficient delivery of services and promotion of its member interests, the Association actively cooperates with state institutions (Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic, Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Business Development Council, etc.), international organizations (ILO, OSCE, UNDP, JICA, Institute of Business Ombudsman, etc.), embassies and civil society organizations


Development of an innovative socially responsible and open community of entrepreneurs for the benefit of the development of the Kyrgyz Republic


JIA Committees are a system of permanent industry expertand analytical platforms on key issues of business community development. The main functions of the committees are to organize and hold regular meetings in various formats to communicate with entrepreneurs and government representatives in order to promote the interests of business and society for the benefit of the whole country. Participation in the activities of the committees gives members of the Association access to information, opens up opportunities for professional communication, and also allows them to influence the formation of the strategic agenda and positions of the business community on key development issues



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