Our services

We provide information support to members of our association using modern tools: WhatsApp, Telegram mailing lists, and emails. Also, JIA conducts a courtesy visits, supervisors are constantly in touch with members of the association. It is important for us that our residents do not miss news, contests, and events that are relevant to them.

Business needs a high-quality network. The Association provides it to its residents. JIA organizes thematic and global events in Kyrgyzstan, where you can establish new business contacts in all regions of the country.

We promote business development through the deployment of a platform that hosts various trainings and seminars, Mini MBA, large-scale forums and exhibitions aimed at strengthening the potential of the business.

We hold the only one-of-a-kind, large-scale Bishkek Investment Business Forum, or BIF for short, twice a year. This is an event where businessmen and businesswomen share and get the necessary information, contacts, knowledge, and potential investors. They discuss and offer new business ideas and talk about business trends.

We organize bilateral and multilateral meetings, trips to the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and the USA. Open up new opportunities for cooperation and expanding the geography of your business.

We have a platform for effective dialogue and cooperation between businesses and the government. As a business association, the interests of the country's business communities are important to us, and we often act as representatives in protecting the rights and interests of our association members.

Our Entrepreneurship Support Centers (ESCs) provide information on entrepreneurship topics, consultations, trainings, for example, on marketing, sales, strategic and financial management, IT tools for business development, personnel management, legal services, etc. The project is implemented with the support of the OSCE in Kyrgyzstan.

We help our partner companies fulfill their social responsibilities and understand what they are. In today's reality, it is not enough to produce a quality product or provide a service while paying taxes. It is important to take responsibility for the environment, ecology, and employees and of course contribute to the social sphere of the district, city, and country.