Green Economy Group Conference

Kyrgyzstan has an annual green economy platform - the Green Economy Forum, which has been held since 2021 with the active participation of business associations of the Kyrgyz Republic. This is a very necessary platform, which in 2022 was held at the level of the Central Asian region and discussed issues of regional cooperation on the development of a green economy in Central Asia.

For the active position of business in Kyrgyzstan, the active role was preceded by:
1. Work to increase its capacity and increase its awareness of GE;
2. Close relationship with government agencies and the involvement of business in the process of developing and implementing policies;

3. And on platforms like GE, we are discussing measures and policies that can help us transition to GE. Example, the introduction of green fiscal measures into the Tax Code;
4. JIA plans to work with youth and the Alliance of Universities of the Kyrgyz Republic for Green Economy and Sustainable Development to involve youth in green energy.

In November 2023, the next dialogue, the Green Economy Forum 2023, will be held with the participation of business and government agencies of neighboring countries. And we will be glad for the participation of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) at this site, - said JIA Executive Director Azzambek Jeenbai uulu in his speech. In turn, the OECD representatives highly appreciated the kind invitation🤝