Light Industry Day

On June 6, 2024 in honor of the "Day of the Light Industry Worker of the Kyrgyz Republic" the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of the Kyrgyz Republic awarded JIA entrepreneurs from the textile industry 

The company "Textile Trans" Ltd. was awarded with a certificate of honor
The company "Pasadena Fashion" Ltd. was awarded with the Diploma of Honor
Honorary diploma was awarded to the company "Baziko Style" Ltd.

List of companies that received the Letter of Gratitude:
1.Nariste-A Ltd.
2.Unicom Trade Ltd.
3.U.M.A.R. Brand Ltd.
4.Nurgiza Tolonbaevna Fashion House LLP
5. "Academy of Cutting and Sewing" Ltd.
6.Shambu LLC
7.IE Aktasova Albina
8.IE Kaarova Ernis
9.IE Ismailova Roza